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A new product family of high class hand-hygiene and hand-care from GOJO, the worldwide leading company of such products. Novel, innovative soap dispensers as well as soap- and skin care products in uncompareable quality and reliability exceed the expectations of their users.

The LTX System
Touch Free Dispenser
The ADX System
Dispenser for manual Operation
LTX-12 = 1200 ml LTX-7 = 700 ml ADX-12 = 1250 ml ADX-7 = 700 ml
Hight: 26,7 cm
Width: 14,6 cm
Depth: 10,2 cm
Hight: 21,6 cm
Width: 14,6 cm
Depth: 10,2 cm
Hight: 29,8 cm
Width: 11,4 cm
Depth: 10,2 cm
Hight: 24,8 cm
Width: 9,5 cm
Depth: 8,9 cm