About us

Our Objective:
Our dedication is to meet our society's increasing demand for more cleanliness, hygiene, pleasant environment and well-being by providing and delivering advanced and proven speciality products in order to increase productivity and quality levels in our cleaning and hygiene industry for the benefit and to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Strength:
specialized and leading in our industry, we deliver since more than a decade such products to the relevant market.

  • innovative and worldwide leading products of outstanding quality, easy to use, efficient, environmentely approved and all time competitive.
  • fast reaction to meet market and customers requirements.
  • garanteed readiness for delivery.

Additional Information:
We supply this range of products to widespread and numerous customers in Germany, partially also to Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Austria, Benelux countries, etc. All these products were selected from the wide-range, worldwide product offerings for the cleaning industry as speciality and/or market-leading and which are particularely recommendable. We import them from the manufacturers to assure fast and reliable delivery to our customers in Europe according to their needs. Quality, availability, competitiveness and primarely easy usage and efficiant performance are the gating factors for our product selection.

Additional Service: Our offer, free of charge.
We support each customer building up the product knowledge to sell these products successfully.
To prepare our customers for active selling we offer the following support under certain prerequisites:

  • Product- and sales training at our customers premises.
  • Provision of advertizing and brochures materials.
  • Registration and technical approvals of foreign products for the home market.
  • Reliable and quick clarifications of technical questions and issues with the products' manufacturers.
For a successfull and mutually beneficial cooperation !